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Hello lovely people :)
Just writing this journual to let you know I've joined Society6 a while ago and I add there some of my artworks, fanarts (some of them never published here on DA) and they are up for sale. Along with tshirts, iphone cases and other fun stuff. So feel free to follow me there, thanks! (Keep in mind I'm just starting it so there's not much to buy yet but you can check it out anyway :D )

 Reborn by Ines92  Beyond The Director's Chair by Ines92 

I also added my lastest artwork 'Reborn' up for a print here on DA too.

In other news, I finished my second year at University & I feel like I've grew as an artist a lot even though I might not be as active here as I used to be.
Over the year i've done several abstract pieces, Did several art installations, one of them were chosen for an Uni art exhibition and I've learned a lot at work too.
I did a collaboration with Curt Mega on his project 'Buffering' and 'Beyond The Director's Chair' (check it out on youtube it's a brilliant web comedy) . I'm also a part of music video for 'This Is The New Year' by A Great Big World  It's only a twitter lyric video but it still counts!! :'D So yeah. lots of things is going on right now and I'm not as active as I used to be so Thank you for your constant support, it means a lot. So excited for the summer now since I'm visiting London and Oxford again, it should be fun :))

Also I'm going to RingCon this year too, anyone coming?? ;))

Love you all,

daniellekoorevaar Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
YEAAAH RINGCON!! Looking forward to seeing you again, Aga :)
Ines92 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Professional General Artist
same here <3 I cannot wait my friend :)
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June 16, 2013